Webinar #75 | “FACT OR FAKE: Be COVID-19 Social Media Smart!”

The University of the Philippines
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Webinar #75 “FACT OR FAKE: Be COVID-19 Social Media Smart!”
October 22, 2021 (Friday) 12nn

Roby Alampay
Founder and Chairman
Puma Public Productions

Dr. Jason Ligot
International Health Promotion Specialist
Director for Development Communication
Organic Intelligence

Dr. Albert Domingo
Health Systems Specialist

Joy Flavier-Alampay
Executive Director
Asia Society Philippines

Ceej Tantengco
Head of Communications

Opening Remarks:
Dr. Elena E. Pernia
Vice President for Public Affairs
University of the Philippines System

Closing Remarks:
Dr. Carmencita D. Padilla
University of the Philippines Manila


Webinar #75 “FACT OR FAKE: Be COVID-19 Social Media Smart!”
Special Topic

The word “infodemic” has been used by the World Health Organization to refer to the perils and traps of misinformation during a disease outbreak, such as COVID-19. Wrong information can influence behavior of individuals and the overall social response that could result in worsening of disease transmission as people may panic and forget about health protocols or it can undermine legitimate efforts of government and the health community to keep people safe by seeding doubt, discontent, and frustration.

The new communication environment that is the backdrop of COVID-19, makes it easy for any person to directly access an unprecedented amount of information and content that is not filtered or vetted. The term “fake news” has become part of our daily vocabulary – referring to misleading if not downright dangerous information that can lead people to make decisions that may harm rather than help.

How do we know if what we are reading about COVID-19 is fact or fake? What are the red flags or signs that something shared is not true. How can we validate information that sounds so real? How can we all be more COVID-19 Social Media Smart?

In this episode of STOP COVID DEATHS, we have invited five young professionals who are proficient in communication and are users of social media. We have asked them to pre-select for us examples of COVID-19 social media posts that made them think, doubt, research, and determine if what they were seeing was fact or fake. The audience will be asked to vote on whether what they are sharing is fact or fake. Then they will try to explain how to determine if what you are reading is authentic. So join us as we have a bit of a “game show” webinar with Roby Alampay (Founder & Chairman, Puma Public Productions), Dr. Jason Ligot (International Health Promotion Specialist; and Director for Development Communication, Organic Intelligence), Dr. Albert Domingo (Health Systems Specialist), Joy Flavier-Alampay (Executive Director, Asia Society Philippines), and Ceej Tantengco (Head of Communications, PumaPodcast).

Join your credible-on-line community that is equipped with skills to decide on whether the COVID-related material is fact or fake.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected!

Together we can STOP COVID DEATHS!

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