Webinar #74 | “Travel in the Time of COVID-19”

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Webinar #74 “Travel in the Time of COVID-19”
October 15, 2021 (Friday) 12nn

Hon. Bernadette Romulo-Puyat
Department of Tourism

Prof. Richard Gonzalo
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
Professor, Asian Institute of Tourism
University of the Philippines

Engr. Gerald Jo Denoga
Associate Dean for Research
College of Engineering
University of the Philippines Diliman

Cielo Villaluna
Philippine Airlines

Closing Remarks:
Dr. Carmencita D. Padilla
University of the Philippines Manila

Webinar #74
October 15, 2021
“Travel in the Time of COVID-19”
Special Topic

As vaccination rates increase and measures are put in place to open the economy, safe transport has become a key issue for many Filipinos. Is public transport safe? Is there enough ventilation in the LRT, MRT? Is it safe to travel by plane? How about ships and roll-on, roll off ferries?

The Delta variant of SARSCov2 has made us wary of enclosed spaces where disease transmission might be enhanced. We try our best to avoid crowded and enclosed spaces and open the windows of our homes. But how can we get from one place to another safely -if we do not have our own private vehicles? What kind of precautions should we take to stay safe while travelling? What are the requirements when moving from one province to another?

Is there enough information, training and capacity in the transport system to ensure that passengers will not get COVID-19 and the public has enough knowledge and practical advise on staying safe while travelling?

In this episode of STOP COVID DEATHS, we will discuss travel in the time of COVID-19. We are not likely to go back to pre-COVID times soon – so we must adapt and find ways to stay safe as we go about the business of living and making a living.

The main presenter will be Hon. Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, Secretary of the Department of Tourism, who will discuss measures that are being taken to protect our international and domestic tourism industry – including travel. Panel reactors are: Engr. Gerald Jo Denoga, Assistant Dean for Research of the UP College of Engineering in Diliman; Professor Richard Gonzalo, Assistant Vice President of the University of the Philippines System, and Professor at the UP Asian Institute of Tourism; and the spokesperson of Philippine Airlines, Cielo Villaluna.

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