Webinar #96 | “GITING AT TAPANG SA PANAHON NG PANDEMYA: Reflecting on COVID-19 Lessons”

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Webinar #96 “GITING AT TAPANG SA PANAHON NG PANDEMYA: Reflecting on COVID-19 Lessons”
April 22, 2022 (Friday) 12nn

Dr. Albert Francis E. Domingo
Concurrent Director III
DOH Communication Office and
Disease Prevention and Control Bureau

Dr. Ernesto O. Domingo
National Scientist
Professor Emeritus, University of the Philippines

Dr. Gerardo D. Legaspi
UP Philippine General Hospital

Dr. Charlotte M. Chiong
Dean, College of Medicine
University of the Philippines Manila

Opening Remarks:
Dr. Teodoro J. Herbosa
Senior Adviser
National Task Force Against COVID-19

Synthesis and Closing Remarks::
Dr. Carmencita D. Padilla
University of the Philippines Manila

It has been two years since we started the STOP COVID DEATHS webinar series… time flies! We never thought we would see the light at the end of the tunnel — we can see it now, but we are not out of the tunnel yet.

Looking back, what have we learned? Did our health services become better organized? Did we find ways of financing the tremendous demands on goods and services? Did we train our doctors and nurses well during the pandemic? Were we able to turn this crisis into an opportunity to create reforms in health care systems? Through the eyes of frontliners, patients and researchers – we bring together four leaders, representing four generations — who have contributed to the overall response to COVID-19 and asked them to share their personal insights on what we have learned and how we move forward.

“GITING AT TAPANG SA PANAHON NG PANDEMYA: Reflecting on COVID-19 Lessons” will focus on what we all had to do to overcome our fear of the unknown and to trust each other to battle an unseen virus as it swept the nation. The impact on frontliners has been tremendous: from the early days of discrimination and stigma; to the surges where our frontliners got sick, and for some sacrificed their lives. The episode is not meant to dwell on life stories, but to demonstrate how these four leaders took the life stories and turned them into positive change in our systems – moving toward the goal of universal health care. You will hear about their innovations, but you will also hear about some of the stories that inspired them to persevere and to inspire others.

The conversation will be more like a round table discussion: Dr. Albert Francis E. Domingo, recently appointed as Concurrent Director III of the DOH Communication Office and Disease Prevention and Control Bureau, comes with the perspective of the generation on deck – the next cohort of leaders who took to the field and worked with LGUs on organizing the COVID-19 response on the ground and equipped themselves with the skills needed for the crisis.
National Scientist, Dr. Ernesto Domingo, who first organized the Universal Health Care (UHC) study group in 2008, will reflect on what has happened 12 years after this policy shift was conceptualized and how important it is to stay the course on UHC.

Dr. Gerardo ‘Gap’ Legaspi, PGH Director during the pandemic, infected with COVID not just once and weathered the decision to transform PGH into a COVID-19 referral center, rescued people and equipment during a fire, organized and reorganized the PGH wards during 3 surges and encountered countless, endless challenges in running one of the largest hospitals in the country – will talk about an elegant and simple way to organize health care delivery services beyond the pandemic.

Dr Charlotte M. Chiong, Dean of the UP College of Medicine brought vision and outside the box administrative interventions — on how to continue to train the doctors despite the high risk and vulnerability of medical students – choosing to continue education through any means possible and to inculcate the value of research and new knowledge in a fastly evolving health crisis. She will also share her insights on the mental health of doctors in training during the pandemic.

Opening Remarks will be delivered by Dr. Teodoro J. Herbosa, who made it possible to set up the TVUP STOP COVID DEATHS Webinar Series as an inter-university project, became National Adviser of the COVID-19 Response Task Force that ultimately made it possible for tens of millions of vaccines to enter the country and create a very significant level of protection during the crisis. He will reflect on the national response, its challenges and pitfalls, but also the approaches that worked and need to be continued as we move forward.
Finally, the Synthesis and Closing Remarks will be delivered by University of the Philippines Manila Chancellor, Dr. Carmencita D. Padilla, whose invaluable support and unwavering commitment to the webinar cemented our success.

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