Webinar #68 | “Delta Variant: What is happening around the world?”

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Webinar #68 “Delta Variant: What is happening around the world?”
September 3, 2021 (Friday) 12nn

Dr. Franco Felizarta
Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine Specialist
UP Medical Alumni Society in America (UPMASA)

Atsuro Tsutsumi
Professor, UNU-IIGH
Kanazawa University

Roy Wadia
Communications Adviser
United Nations

Dr. Chun-Yu Lin
Consultant for COVID-19 Pandemic (Delta Variant)
Kaohsiung City Government

Dr. John Wong
Senior Technical Advisor
EpiMetrics, Inc.

Webinar #68 “Delta Variant: What is happening around the world?
4th International Virtual Conference”

Special Topic
As cases of COVID-19 surge in the Philippines, we pause to take a look at what is happening around the world.

Are cases increasing as well in other places? What measures are being put in place to curb what is now the “dominant variant” in many countries? What are the interventions that show promise in controlling the Delta variant?

With international resource from the United States, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines, this episode of STOP COVID DEATHS will talk about how and why the Delta variant has become dominant, how young people are affected, mental health aspects of new lockdowns all over the world, border control and the role of testing, vaccination and isolation.

Speakers for this international virtual meeting are Dr. Franco Felizarta (Philippines), Dr. Atsuro Tsutsumi (Japan), Mr. Roy Wadia (Thailand), Dr. Chun-Yu Lin (Taiwan) and Dr. John Wong (Philippines).

Join your credible-on-line community in understanding what is being done in other parts of the world, and how we learn from other countries.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected!
Together we can STOP COVID DEATHS!

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