UP Days of Remembrance 2021 (Day 4)

Dambana ng Gunita
Walang Golden Age sa Ekonomiya

Hon. Renee Louise Co
Prof. Francis Justine Malban

Opening Remarks:
Prof. Neil Santillan

Keynote and Overview:
“Overview of the Philippine Economy during the Marcos Dictatorship”
Mr. Jan Carlo B. Punongbayan
UP Diliman- School of Economics

Kayo ang hihirap, kami ang yayaman

“Crony Capitalism”
Prof. Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem
UP Diliman- CSSP Dept. of Political Science

“Crisis in Philippine Agriculture in the 1980s”
Prof. Eduardo C. Tadem
UP Asian Center

“ ‘Economic Development’ and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”
Dr. Efenita May M. Taqueban
UP Diliman- CSSP-Dept. of Anthropology

Ang Totoong Kuwento ng OFW

“Labor Export and the OFW Phenomenon” (20 mins)
Prof. Emeritus Rene F. Ofreneo
UP Diliman- School of Labor and Industrial Relations


UP Days of Remembrance to shine a light on the myths and misinformation on Martial Law and the Marcos regime
Written by Celeste Ann Castillo Llaneta

The anniversary of the signing of Proclamation No. 1081 by Ferdinand Marcos, placing the Philippines under Martial Law, is coming up on September 21. And yet, 49 years later, we continue to deal with lies, misinformation and historical revisionism of Martial Law and the Marcos regime on various media platforms.

This coming week, scholars of history and the social sciences from the University of the Philippines (UP) and other universities here and abroad will team up with human rights activists to set the record straight regarding the myths of Martial Law and the Marcos regime through the UP Days of Remembrance. This is the University’s week-long virtual commemoration that aims to honor the struggle of the Filipino people under the authoritarian regime and UP’s contribution to the uprising against the Marcos dictatorship. It will be held from September 20 to 24, 2021, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

With the theme, “Dambana ng Gunita: Mga Batayang Katotohanan at Aral ng Batas Militar”, the commemoration will go in depth on the specific issues that often fall prey to misinformation, such as: Marcos’s alleged heroism; the supposed peaceful society during the Martial Law years; the truth with regard to human rights violations under the Marcos regime; the myth of an economic golden age under the Marcoses; and, the rampant corruption and cronyism of the Marcos administration that set our country back decades. This will be done through educational discussions and conversations on what really happened during the dark years of the Marcos regime.

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