Webinar #56 | Is my LGU Prepared for Vaccine Roll-out? Part 2

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Webinar #56 “Is my LGU Prepared for Vaccine Roll-out? Part 2”
June 11, 2021 (Friday) 12nn

Dr. Peter Julian A. Cayton
UP Pandemic Response Team
Associate Professor, UP School of Statistics

Hon. Francis Javier M. Zamora
Mayor, San Juan City, Metro Manila

Hon. Maria Ofelia O. Alcantara
Mayor, Municipality of Tolosa, Leyte

Dr. Christia S. Padolina
City Health Officer, Navotas City, Metro Manila

Dr. Mariano Antonio T. Banzon
City Health Officer, Balanga, Bataan

Margot B. Torres
Managing Director, McDonald’s Philippines
Chair, Task Group on Strategic Communications
Task Force T3

Opening Remarks:

Dr. Teodoro J. Herbosa
Special Adviser
National Task Force Against COVID-19

Closing Remarks:

Dr. Carmencita D. Padilla
University of the Philippines Manila

Webinar #56 “Is my LGU Prepared for COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out? Part 2”

Special Topic

More vaccines have arrived; move vaccines are coming. There is reason to be optimistic. There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. But are our people prepared for this? Do they know where to go for registration? Are they aware of how to prepare for vaccination? The responsibility for preparing citizens to receive vaccines involves many different players, but none is more important than your local government unit. LGUs are managing the supply chain, as well as the information campaign to generate demand for the vaccines.

In this episode of STOP COVID DEATHS, Dr. Peter Julian A. Cayton of the UP Pandemic Response Team and Associate Professor with the UP School of Statistics will present the stories behind the COVID-19 vaccination roll-out and implementation statistics. Representing the local government units in NCR, we have Mayor Francis Javier M. Zamora of San Juan City and Dr. Christia S. Padolina of Navotas City; while to give us a picture of how things are outside NCR, we have Mayor Maria Ofelia O. Alcantara of Tolosa, Leyte and Dr. Mariano Antonio T. Banzon of Balanga, Bataan. Finally, the private sector outlook and the importance of strategic communication will be emphasized by the Chair of the Task Group on Strategic Communications with Task Force T3, the Managing Director of McDonald’s Philippines, Margot B. Torres.

We will listen to plans, accomplishments and innovations that we can all learn from and keep an open mind in innovating and improving on our vaccination system for this generation and the succeeding ones.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected!

Together we can STOP COVID DEATHS!

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