Webinar #14 | COVID-19, Mental Health and Mindfulness

Webinar #14 | STOP COVID DEATHS: Clinical Management Updates |
COVID-19, Mental Health and Mindfulness

The University of the Philippines in partnership with Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) and the UP Manila NIH National Telehealth Center would like to invite you to join the Fight Against COVID-19!

The UP Webinar Series “STOP COVID DEATHS: Clinical Management Updates” is scheduled EVERY FRIDAY from 12nn to 2pm.

Webinar #14:“COVID-19, Mental Health and Mindfulness”
Dr. Anselmo Tronco
Chairman, Dept of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
UP Philippine General Hospital
July 24, 2020 (Friday) 12nn

Uncertainty and fear of the unknown during the pandemic causes worry and stress. These are normal reactions.

For those who are quarantined at home, it is not uncommon to experience restlessness, frustration, anger and desperation for not being able to do what one used to do, or engage in activities that provided meaning and pleasure in the past.

Patients who are hospitalized due to COVID-19 face loneliness and loss of hope. Being alone and having limited interaction with hospital staff and loved ones at a time when support is most needed — takes faith and the ability to cope by using previous experiences, memories and skills for survival.

What is the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and well-being? How can we help each other cope with feelings of anxiety, fear and even anger?

This webinar will focus on coping and resilience particularly the use of mindfulness exercises that can be used by patients, and more importantly by health care workers who are overwhelmed by their circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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