PCS | Truth Well Told: Truth in Political PR and Advertising

The Philippines Communication Society (PCS) in partnership with TVUP
Invites you to the fourth of a series of webinars of the
National Forum on Communication and Democracy
Philippine Elections 2022

Webinar #4 Truth Well Told: Truth in Political PR and Advertising
November 10, 2021 (Wednesday)
9:00 – 11:00 a.m.

Resource Speakers:
Mr. Manuel Luis “Manolo” Quezon III
Columnist, Philippine Daily Inquirer

Mr. Alan German
President, Agents International Public Relations

Atty. Rejie E. Jularbal
Legal Counsel, Advertising Standards Council

Prof. Earl Jaynus S. Guzman
Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Mr. Christian V. Esguerra
ABS-CBN News Channel
University of Santo Tomas

Opening Remarks:
Dr. Michael M. Alba
Far Eastern University

Dr. Elena E. Pernia
President, Philippines Communication Society
Vice-President for Public Affairs,
University of the Philippines


Truth Well Told: Political PR and Advertising

Truth, that elusive but extremely necessary factor in all human communication, takes center stage at the next national forum, with the simple but compelling title: “Truth in Political PR and Advertising.”

This is the fourth Webinar organized by the Philippine Communication Society (PCS) – through the National Forum on Communication and Democracy: Philippine Elections 2022.

Even before election campaigning has begun, the matter of delivering true, honest, and accurate profiles on candidates and on their plans has become crucial. That’s because – this early – there have been a great number of dishonest, fraudulent, exaggerated, misleading, and even offensive messages that have characterized social media. Even the truth about survey findings on who are leading in approval ratings have become doubtful due to high-tech interventions that are not ethical.

Therefore, this Webinar has become very timely and sharply relevant, and PCS has invited resource persons to underscore the need for propagating truth in publicity and advertising materials. This Forum will, therefore, bring to public awareness the extreme necessity to insist on the truth in communication messages.

“Truth in Advertising” as a movement began as early as 1911 in the U.S., in reaction to the proliferation of lies and half-truths in advertising. Two laws had been passed, but very few advertisers were prosecuted using those two pieces of legislation. So self-regulation was deemed as a remedy, and the American advertising industry created the National Advertising Review Board (NARB) to do the job. In the Philippines, we have our own Advertising Board, and the local PR sector has adopted a code of conduct that commits its practitioners to uphold the truth.

It is hoped self-regulation be raised during the discussion, including the insistence of voters on giving a truth a chance. A sharply aware public, with a newfound militancy, may yet warn our candidates that falsehoods will be found out.

PR and advertising have “tremendous power for good and for bad,” and must thus be the bearers of truth.

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