Webinar #58 | “WHO GETS THE LAST VENTILATOR? COVID-19 Crisis-Level Hospital Care”

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Webinar #58 “WHO GETS THE LAST VENTILATOR? COVID-19 Crisis-Level Hospital Care”
June 25, 2021 (Friday) 12nn

Dr. Leonora Fernandez
Chief, Division of Pulmonary Medicine
UP Philippine General Hospital

Maria Fatima “Girlie” Lorenzo
Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations

Dr. Ralph Elvi Villalobos
Consultant, Division of Pulmonary Medicine
UP Philippine General Hospital

Atty. James Dennis Gumpal
Head, Legal Office
University of the Philippine Manila

Prof. Leonardo De Castro
Professor, Dept. of Philosophy
University of the Philippines Diliman

Opening Remarks:
Dr. Marita Reyes
Former Chancellor
University of the Philippines Manila

Closing Remarks:
Dr. Charlotte M. Chiong
Dean, UP College of Medicine

Webinar #58 “WHO GETS THE LAST VENTILATOR? COVID-19 Crisis-Level Hospital Care”
Special Topic

In a pandemic, scarcity of resources is a given. Historically, pandemics are characterized by shortages of human, financial, material and infrastructure resources. For the COVID-19 pandemic, even developed
countries with a tremendous amount of resources for staff, equipment, drugs and medicines – experienced shortages, huge gaps in service delivery and tremendous distress among patients and providers because of
ethical and moral dilemmas about who should be prioritized in crisis situations.

What happens in the health facility when 3 people need a ventilator and only one is available?

Should the decision be made by patients? What is the role of the family? Is it for the doctor and the medical team to decide? Are there guidelines to help decide on who gets access to a bed, a drug or a ventilator?

“Who gets the last ventilator”, the title of Webinar 58 – uses the ventilator as a proxy, for any life-saving intervention. The Philippines has not experienced a shortage of ventilators. However, preparedness for a
surge requires taking a closer look at our challenges in relation to scarce resources for life-saving interventions. Do we just need more supplies? Do we need a system for sharing of supplies across
regions? Do we need guidance on how to manage limited supplies within institutions, across health facilities and monitored centrally across the country?

Join us on a discussion on the ethical dimensions of scarce life-saving interventions. Main presenter is Dr. Leonora Fernandez, Chief of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Philippine General Hospital. The
panel of reactors include Maria Fatima Lorenzo, President of the Philippine Alliance of Patient Organizations; Dr. Ralph Elvi Villalobos, Consultant with the Division of Pulmonary Medicine at the
Philippine General Hospital; Atty. James Dennis Gumpal, Head of the UP Manila Legal Office; and Prof. Leonardo De Castro of the Department of Philosophy with the University of the Philippines Diliman.
Opening Remarks will be by Dr Marita Reyes, head of HTAC, former chancellor of UP Manila, former Dean of the UP College of Medicine, with Synthesis and Closing Remarks by the Dean of the UP College of
Medicine, Dr. Charlotte M. Chiong.

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