Webinar #47 | “COVID-19 in the Philippines: What are the Scenarios for the Next 12 Months?”

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Webinar #47 “COVID-19 in the Philippines:What are the Scenarios for the Next 12 Months?”
April 9, 2021 (Friday) 12nn

Dr. John Q. Wong
Co-Founder and Senior Technical Advisor
EpiMetrics, Inc.

Dr. Cybele Lara Abad
Clinical Associate Professor
UP Philippine General Hospital

Dr. Aileen Wang
UP College of Medicine

Opening Remarks:
Dr. Toby Melissa C. Monsod
Professor, UP School of Economics

Closing Remarks:
Dr. Carmencita D. Padilla
Chancellor, University of the Philippines Manila

Webinar #47
April 9, 2021
“COVID-19 in the Philippines: What are the Scenarios for the next 12 Months?” Special Topic
Rising cases, crowded hospitals, new restrictions on movement, higher levels of fear and frustration — a month ago, it looked like things were improving, and then suddenly it feels like we are back to square one.
What does trend data tell us about the pandemic? What do we know about the spread of SARSCoV2 at national and local levels? Will it get worse before it gets better? What about the economy? What can we expect in the coming months? How should families prepare for what is ahead? How should health workers prepare for what is ahead?
Some of the assumptions will change because of the advances in the health sciences and medicine. The vaccines will have an impact on disease transmission. Newer drugs are being studied for treatment of moderate and severe COVID. People are slowly adapting and modifying their behavior to protect themselves and survive.
In the next episode of STOP COVID DEATHS, UP Professor of Economics, Dr. Toby Melissa Monsod, opens the webinar with a perspective on the economy. The main presenter is Dr. John Q. Wong, lead epidemiologist of the IATF and reactors are infectious disease specialist Dr. Cybele Lara Abad from UP-PGH and pulmonologist Dr Aileen David Wang of the UP College of Medicine.
While we cannot gaze into a crystal ball, we can look up the data and see where we are– and move toward where we want to be in the coming year, together.
Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected.

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