Webinar #12 | COVID-19 Challenges for Anesthesiologists

Webinar #12 STOP COVID DEATHS: Clinical Management Updates
COVID-19 Challenges for Anesthesiologists

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Webinar #12: “COVID-19 Challenges for Anesthesiologists”
Dr. Grace Anne Herbosa
Professor and Chair Department of Anesthesiology
UP College of Medicine
Philippine General Hospital
July 10, 2020 (Friday) 12nn

SARSCov2, the infectious agent of COVID-19 — spreads through droplet and aerosol transmission. Aerosol transmission is a particular problem in the hospital setting for doctors who have to perform procedures in close proximity to COVID patients in enclosed spaces. In the hospital setting there are a number of interventions that are considered as aerosol-generating procedures these include tracheal intubation, non-invasive ventilation (NIV), high-flow nasal oxygen (HFNO), bronchial suctioning, bronchoscopy, and sputum induction, among others. Among health workers at risk for exposure to COVID-19, anesthesiologists face specific risks due to procedures they perform. Tracheal intubation for example, is a frequently required procedure for patients with severe pneumonia who may need a mechanical ventilator – a high risk procedure, hence the need for meticulous attention to proper procedures and the use of appropriate personal protective equipment to control possible infection.

In emergency and elective surgical procedures – patients are monitored closely, and anesthesiologists are often situated near the head of the patient, and are always on the alert for problems in with vital signs, like breathing. This places the anesthesiologist in close proximity to the upper respiratory tract of another person which could be the source of viral load and transmission. What are the challenges for anesthesiologists? What types of innovation in clinical practice are proven to keep anesthesiologists safe? This webinar will examine techniques, methods and strategies of anesthesiologists at the frontline.

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