Webinar #33 | “Dialysis and COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities”

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Webinar #33: “Dialysis and COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities”
December 4, 2020 (Friday) 12nn

Dr. Romina Danguilan
Deputy Executive Director for Education,
Training, and Research Services
Head, Hemodialysis Unit
National Kidney and Transplant Institute

Opening Remarks:
Dr. Rose Marie Rosete-Liquete
Executive Director
National Kidney and Transplant Institute

Dr. Elizabeth Montemayor
Professor, UP College of Medicine
President, Philippine Society of Nephrology

December 4, 2020
Dialysis and COVID19: Challenges and Opportunities
Special Topic

One Filipino dies from kidney failure every hour. The exact numbers are not known, but it is estimated that there are close to 35,000 Filipinos who are undergoing dialysis and treatment for kidney disease in the country. Over the past decade, the number of new cases have increased by about 15% every year. Uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension are risk factors for kidney disease that could result in the need for renal replacement — with dialysis as a temporizing measure. Kidney transplantation is the more definitive treatment for end stage renal disease, but policies and programs have been insufficient to meet the growing demand for organ donors.

COVID-19 threw free-standing hemodialysis centers into a tailspin. Many dialysis centers had to shut down due to infections of patients and staff. Many hospital based dialysis centers also started taking in less patients. The National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) became the only place to go to — for hundreds of patients who could not avail of dialysis. NKTI found itself overflowing with patients who needed dialysis but had no other place to go.

This webinar will focus on “Dialysis and COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities. The short and long term solutions of how NKTI, the government’s premiere renal and transplant hospital, addressed the pandemic will be presented, as well as how hospitals can best prepare themselves adequately for the next emerging infectious disease that may cause a global pandemic, and how a “whole of government approach” in addressing a dialysis population can effectively be implemented.

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